4 Paws Up!

"My fur baby Mimi loves True Paws so much! She prefers these treats over any other. The Organic Chicken Jerky and All Natural Beef Jerky are her favorites! They smell really good and the Chicken Pot Pie biscuits come in cute shapes. All the treats are nutritious and human-grade!"

-Sally K. and Mimi

Picky Pup Approved

My dog Cupcake is a Morkie and she is particularly picky. She often refuses steak. Everything is either a hit or miss depending on her mood. She would probably rather starve than eat something she doesn't enjoy. That being said we are so grateful for True Paws Kitchen's wonderful recipes and treats! Cupcake is ALWAYS in the mood for her Organic Chicken Jerky and other fun snacks! Our family really appreciates all the effort put into these products. They are healthy, wholesome, and according to Cupcake, they must be tasty too! We also love the story of how True Paws Kitchen began, inspired to heal dogs through the power of quality nutrition.

-Angie S. and Cupcake

Amazing Treats

Our little Ruby loved these amazing treats by True Paws Kitchen instantly from the very first time she tried them! The best thing about True Paws is that they only use natural ingredients and do not contain any additives or preservatives. I love how you can actually read all of the ingredients on the label so you can ensure that your fur baby is only getting the best quality ingredients. I also like how the treats are always made fresh to order! Ruby enjoys the variety offered: from beef to chicken and even salmon! What's even more amazing is that gluten-free, grain-free, and vegetarian/vegan options are offered. In my family, we are gluten-free so it was only natural that our little Ruby would also adopt this dietary preference. Since last year, Ruby has been enjoying these delicious treats and recommends them to all of her furry friends!
-Isabel S. and Ruby


We had the pleasure of trying the Chicken Pot Pie, Peanut Butter Banana Blueberry, and the fan favorite Organic Chicken Jerky. The treats come in generously sized resealable bags to maintain freshness even though we don't have to worry about treats lasting long around here! The dogs loved all three flavors and momager loves that the ingredient list is simple-- how do you go wrong with 1 ingredient organic chicken jerky?! 10/10 will buy again!
-Jamie and



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